In that capacity he represented Ceylon at International Conferences of Teachers in India and traveled extensively in Europe. I wish if at least few of our polititions are as patriotic as Mr. I would like to nominate Mr. Tamil aasiriyar thinam arikai. Later he joined University of Madras and became one of the first to graduate from there. K is very essential , in my view, for the benefit of Tamil Literature.

There have been 55 million Tamils living in Tamil Nadu in India, but they could not create for themselves a defined ethnic recognition – either within the country or outside – despite living in a state that had its very name as Tamil Nadu. He is the author of several books including Ancient Jaffna. Rajarathnam Pillai was a great nadaswara vidwan unparalleled for his raga expositions and music. It may be sufficient to recognise and let it rest We heard that when the library was burned he died because of the shock from the news. A thousand workers then began the epic march led by Gandhi across the Natal border into the Transvaal.

I cannot agree with the nomination of a person such as P. Navaratnam, V Nedumaran, P. I would like to nominate Dr.

As Nallur Swami Gnapragasar passed away Rev. For this unique approach he took in the struggle for freedom, he should be recognised for his effort. Ethirveerasingham was a household name like Thanthai Chelva during aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil 50s and 60s.

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He has been consistently trying to help tamil society in many aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil. In this regard I would like to nominate: Sinnathurai Giritharan, Canada, 23 December He definitely deserves a place among the top Tamils. Malathi – First woman fighter to die in the struggle for freedom. Response from tamil nation: NagalingamProctor who was not known beyond Elephant Pass to be counted as one among the “One Hundred”.

What are their worth and what are their contributions to the Tamil world and to Tamil togetherness?

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Unfortunately our community fails to appreciate such human beings who were close to making history. KamarajKalaignar Karunanidhi Spirituality: How does one pick the most “deserving” of the honour? While in the UK in spite of his ill health he worked day and night to bring to the notice aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil the world the plight of Eelam Tamils and the obvious course of action towards Self determination.

Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiqualifies as a gem among Tamils, for his contribution to the freedom struggle, to gender, caste equality, to literature and also to Hindu religion through simplicity in aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil lofty ideals. He wrote many research articles and books and he is a natural poet in Tamil. Currently, there is no Tamilian who is more popular than him in India.

He must have read ,Corridors of Power by C. Gopalaswamy These four people are re-creating the Tamil renaissance in Tamil Nadu.

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John Joshva Raja 4 August I would nominate:. Gopalaswamy to the list of one hundred Tamils of the 20th century. Ganapathy Stapathi the great sculptor who built the grand Valluvar statue at Kanyakumari Politics: The speech given by these two on the eve of their verdict reinforces that even in aasiriyar thinam essay in tamil last minute of their lives, they were clear of their dream.

His contribution for the well being of the Malaysian Indians through his forceful writing is enormous.

Palani Malaysia 29 December I wish to nominate Mr. She has also the distinction of representing Canada in the last Olympic games.

I also wish to nominate. Amirthalingam was Thanthai Chelva’s chief lieutenant. If every one of us follow his way, we can lead the business world.

Among the literary giants, Avvaiyar, Alwars, Nayanmars are also to be remembered. He did yeoman service for Tamil literature by unearthing ancient Tamil literary work which were almost lost to the present generation.

Tamil aasiriyar thinam sirappurai.