They are under age and what they have to do now is enjoying their school or college lives. Some of them will be infected by bacteria because they do not take any precaution steps before they give birth. When stressful situation are unpredictable, the degree of stress will increase or in other word the greater the stress they faced, the less control a person has. The further we advance into the future, more things are being discovered throughout the years. Funding in less than 1 Week? By , this figure is projected to grow to exceed two billion trips per annum [7]. Women involved who do abortion without proper medical procedures take high risks facing death following infection and bleeding in the uterus.

According to a reliable statistics, one baby is dumped every week. How about getting a customized one? This will result in baby dumping, which they cannot control to get rid of the baby because of the stress they faces. After the process, they might have a baby. The trend began in Texas in , after a dozen babies were abandoned in Houston in less than a year, and lawmakers adopted a “safe haven” law to encourage women to leave their unwanted babies in a hospital or other safe location.

They do not know the correct way to feed the baby, bath the baby, or teach the baby. Teenagers are easily influenced by baby dumping essay stpm friends to involve in social problems. Therefore, children gain less information of sex.

So there is no doubt that another problem will be created because of that.

Steps To Prevent Baby Dumping Cases Essay Sample

We cannot imagine how these teenagers are going to destroy the world,themselves and future generation. Parents should teach them the way to prevent pregnancy and what will happen when the children have free sex.

The society is not yet ready to be open-minded, they tend to have a very bad thought and perception towards the pregnant woman, makes them feel low, lost confidence to face the world, and in order to have it back, they decide to act repugnantly dump the baby. The school should provide proper sex educ ation baby dumping essay stpm the students so that they will know how important is his or her body and relationships.

They can even watch on other technological gadgets like mobile phones, Ipad, PSP, without their parents knowing. This will result in baby dumping, which baby dumping essay stpm cannot control to get rid of the baby because of the stress they faces. The Baby Boom Baby dumping essay stpm No Hidden Fees Loan?

It is needed to encourage responsible sexual behavior and avoid unwanted pregnancies that causes baby dumping. Some teenagers live far away from their parents to continue their study and thus nobody control their activities.

Most of the parents feel ashamed and uncomfortable everytime their children ask them questions about sex. Therefore, teenagers failed to baby dumping essay stpm their baby with their own capability. The generation of people who were born baby dumping essay stpm after the World War II and before were generally referred to as Baby Boomers.

Steps To Prevent Baby Dumping Cases | Essay Example

Most of the schools are facing the same problems. The easiness to widespread access pornography on internets and also through mobile phones.

Parents who are always busy work are result their child have more time to gather with their friends rather than them. Yet their good friend, Hutch advises against their decision to move into there.

They refuse to give a positive explanation and a clear view to their children and always claim that they are too small to know about sex. They do not baby dumping essay stpm to work to support a family because they are not able to carry such a huge responsibility.

First and foremost, I shall brief you on the factors that causes baby dumping. Themselves also have to rely on their parents at this stage of early ages and how baby dumping essay stpm they raise small families on their own. A woman who cannot have children is blessed with the most “beautiful and gentle, affectionate and sincere” 31 of all girls, whom she believes “had been sent to her by a beneficent Providence to be the child of her affection” Bleeding sometimes cannot be detected quickly, but take a long time.

Niki 21 August at Family break-ups happen after a long period of misunderstandings, fighting and unhappiness. They are abandoned since they were born. First of all the baby boom affected the demographics of Canada especially in the fifties baby dumping essay stpm sixties.

The same thing also happens in schools at baby dumping essay stpm schools do not have sex education as one of their compulsory courses. This is the best way to educate and communicate with the teenagers. The year of was even more stressed upon as boomer age group is going to get a jump start with 81 million or one-fourth of the entire US demographic turning to their Most of the schools also never hold any activity about sex education such baby dumping essay stpm talks.

The most important cohort in the history of the modern world is turning to its retiring years. Restrict the number of pornography websites in our country. Thank you for sharing this information that is actually helpful. Once a teenager starts practising bany dumping, surely more and more teenagers will follow after him.

baby dumping essay stpm Furthermore, high school students are too immature to fully understand the effects of free sex could have on their lives. Below is a free excerpt of “Cause of Baby Dump Essay” from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. They remain quiet and proclaim that these small children will get to know what is sex when they grow up. We will write a custom essay sample on. They might end-up at orphan home, which is never will be same as loving-structured family.

Parents always think that their children will understand everything about sex when they grow up. When the war in Vietnam began many Americans believed that defending South Vietnam from communism was in the public interest but as the war baby dumping essay stpm on, more and more Americans grew tired of the exaggerated conflicts and high cost.

Baby Dumping

A limited time offer! For those who are baby dumping essay stpm a full time student, they have to do their school work and a lot of tuitions are waiting for them. As of this year,the baby boomers range from 49 to 67 years old. Cause of Baby Dump Essay Submitted by: Even though some of them work as a part time worker but their salary are very little and only can support their daily stuffs.

What is going to happen next? Teachers are also refused to give information of sex to their students because they think that giving sex education to students is not part of their jobs and most of them are having the same thinking as parents.

Your kindness would be pleased and appreciate so much. They will feel curious about their boy friends and girl friends. Some of their mother put them inside baby dumping essay stpm plastic bag then throw them anywhere and let them die due to the lack of oxygen. Baby dumping should be eliminated from now on and leave a peaceful and caring society for us.