Not a good atmosphere in the school, neither for students nor for students. Atanu Dey January 23, at 8: Anonymous July 26, at I will be moving to Gurgaon by december end and would like to admit my kids 1st class and LKG into bhavans public school. Is this a normal practice in LVIS and other schools? We had also put our daughter in Tagore International and were hugely disappointed by it.

I’m continiously talking with teachers about it, but there is no result! Security become big concern to me when as daily walker I went to school and found that I have reached till class room and picked my child without any question from anyone. Suncity is also extremely good. Looking for a good international school, IB, mix of good amount of expat and local kids for 2 children – 10 and 8 years old, currently in the British System and likely to return to it for University. Also here teachers have lifted their hands on students.

This comment has been removed by the author. If not are there separate montessori schools in gurgaon which are good. My daughter goes to Anand. Pls let me know if anything has changed recently.

I thinktherefore I am: Schools in Gurgaon : a review

I would definitely want you to check out Excelsior American School I know its not international or world school or not the school where lobby is like a five start hotel. If you had to choose 4 to look at what would they be? Hi, How is the Bhavans public school in gurgaon? Further the number of students in her class is also very less.

I m planning to put him in panchtantra ,sushant lok 1 in in pre nursery. Is Shri Ram school early years at sohna road good? It is certainly expensive going by its 45, per quarter fees.

But when I talk to real people the impression is slightly different. I will post more details on my experience after I get to visit at least a couple of schools shortly when I make a trip.

Presidium is good in branding but has disappointing set of teachers who suffer because of extreme business pressure and suffers from lack of emphasis on english, specially 57 and DLF. I couldn’t find anything here.

Anonymous March 30, at They said they are going to keep holiday homework of ryan international school sohna road gurgaon he is in this school. But it is one of the top rated schools of india as per hindustan times. If you know someone whose Kid is studying there or your Kid, may be This is, in fact, one of the problems of DPS. I have not visited Banyan tree myself – hence can’t comment.

I have now deleted Kunskapskolan from my short list as the fees are quite high, the annual fees and the quaterly fees are increasing as per classes and I am afraid it will become a school for the kids of the Rich with holidays abroad and what not. Anonymous July 25, at 5: He is also keen on extra-curricular activities like theatre, art n craft etc. These are the schools who follow a completely different methodology of teaching.

Nice to get your feedback. Hi, I just wanted to post my feedback on Ridge Valley School.

Banyan tree has been here for some time now but still there just handful of students in the school. This all look very wilde fore me as I’m foreigner. My daughter is 2 yrs. The real test is Class 1 onwards and on this, I have no feedback. Then a few days back, we chanced to hear about Lotus Valley School and were thoroughly impressed by the reviews of extremely satisfied parents including you. Anonymous August 14, at Though we know there is no feedback as its new but I am willing to take this chance with this school for nursery admissions.

I guess is better than Maurya. The convenationl schools dismay me where they pack in more students than appropriate and I’m no advocate of rote learning. Anyone with good information about any or both of these schools, please help us out in reaching a decision.